Woman addicted to being pregnant, now she is going to give birth to 10th child for neighbor

There are many types of addiction in the world. If someone gets addicted to collecting stamps, then someone gets addicted to depositing old notes. But what if you come to know that someone is addicted to being pregnant? Yes, a woman shared about her addiction online with people. This woman loves being pregnant (Woman Loves To Be Pregnant). She is not only pregnant again and again, but also keeps giving birth to children for other couples.

Laura, who lives in Huddersfield, England, has given birth to 9 children so far. Of this, four are his own children, while five are produced by him for others. She gave birth to her first surrogate child 11 years ago. Only eight months after this, she adopted surrogacy for the second time for another family and this time gave birth to twins. He has given birth to each of his surrogate children through IVF. That is, he has given birth to every child non-genetically.

Had given birth to twins only last year

In an interview given to ExaminerLive, she told that she loves being a mother. This is the most beautiful feeling in the world. At the same time, she likes to raise children for others and feed them. He takes great pleasure in making others parents. Regarding her surrogacy, she said that she had decided to do surrogacy after producing two children. She further told that it is a beautiful feeling to have a child for a couple whose bag is empty.

woman pregnant for 10th time

33 year old Laura loves pregnancy

Now Laura is about to become a surrogate mother for her neighbor. This will be Laura’s tenth child. Regarding surrogacy, Laura further told that people feel that the surrogate mother gets a lot of money. But let us tell you that there is no payment option for surrogacy in the UK. There is facility to pay only necessary expenses. Laura further said that she does not help anyone. He adopts surrogacy only to give peace to his mind.


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