Volcano exploded inside the sea, a plume of smoke shadowed the sky, see the creepy VIDEO

Wellington (New Zealand): Tonga’s Hunga Tonga Volcano (Volcano) It exploded with a bang on Saturday. This explosion was so strong that its sound was heard even to the neighboring countries. Tsunami alert on Saturday after Tonga volcano activated under sea (Tsunami Alert) issued. According to the report, tsunami waves have also hit the main island, Tongatapu, including Nukualofa. Video of this eruption of Tonga volcano under the sea social media (Social Media Video) But many users shared. In this video, a huge plume of smoke was seen after the volcano erupted. At the same time, satellite pictures related to the eruption of this volcano also became viral on the Internet.

According to media reports, a volcanic eruption occurred under the sea near Tonga, after which a plume of smoke was seen rising to a great height in the sky and a tsunami warning was issued. The National Emergency Management Agency advised people to stay away from the beach.

It is being told that the volcano has been erupting intermittently in the sea near this island since December last year and this time the eruption happened rapidly. Due to which there was a stir in the sea and water entered inside the cities. People monitoring weather-related activities shared pictures of this volcanic eruption taken by satellite. These people say that before today
Photos of the eruption of the volcano have not yet been taken.

A holiday has been declared by the Republic of Tonga in all offices and people have been instructed to stay at home. Also, people have been told to stay away from the beaches while the volcano in Hunga is being monitored. At the same time, domestic flights from Tonga have also been canceled from Friday.


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