The woman used to get tired after three jobs, gave her lover as a gift for romance!

Love is known as a feeling in which two people join together. Both become companions of each other’s happiness and sorrow. Many times such cases are seen, in which the third entry is done. After this most relationships break down. But recently on social media, a woman revealed that due to bringing a third woman between herself and her lover, their relationship was saved from breaking.

This shocking story of love is surprising people. Chanel B, who lives in America, shared this story of her life. He told how bringing another woman between him and his lover saved their relationship from falling apart. Actually, women do three jobs in 24 hours. Due to this, after returning home, both the time and desire to romance with her lover was over. In such a situation, she herself found another girl for her lover and brought it.

All three are very happy together now

The woman revealed that due to being busy with work, she could not give time to her lover. Due to this, fights started between the two. Chanel resorted to many therapy but even after this it seemed that now their relationship will end. Finally, to save their relationship, Chanel took a step that surprised everyone. 28-year-old Chanel brought another girl for her lover. Now this girl romances with her lover instead of Chanel.

woman finds partner other girl

many people make fun of the couple

Sharing her story, Chanel said that after this step, the relationship between her and her lover has survived. Have to do it to earn money. But she goes to such an extent that after this, if her lover touches her when she returns home, then she starts getting irritated. Because of this, he found another girl for his lover. Now after this decision, her lover is also happy with her and their relationship was saved from breaking.


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