The wife sleeps separately from the husband in the same house, said- ‘Relationship has improved by changing the bed’

There is no other relationship as close as the relationship of husband-wife. They live in a house under one roof for 24 hours, which is why there is a lot of rift and love between them. You must have heard that staying in the same bed together is very good for their emotional relationship.

A woman on TikTok, stating her strange theory, has said that she lives in the same house with her husband, but they do not sleep together. They have their own separate rooms and beds, where they go to sleep. The woman claims that due to this practice, her married life has become better than before.

husband and wife sleep in separate beds
A woman named Terri-Ann Michelle from the account named @terriannmichelle has shared a clip on Tiktok Video, in which she is seen dancing inside the house. She has told her followers that she doesn’t care what people think about it but she and her husband use separate beds to sleep. In this way their married life has improved. Terri’s husband and they have different schedules and sleeping habits, due to which both were having problems. In such a situation, they changed their beds and rooms.

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Many people liked the idea
Terry told people that a romantic relationship has nothing to do with the bedroom. They are very happy with this new rule. Commenting on his post, people have given mixed reactions. Some people said that they will definitely adopt this idea. At the same time, some people also said that they have already separated the bed according to their and partner’s profession. At the same time, there were some people who said that they cannot sleep alone.


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