The girl had reached the house of an unknown person on a date, the government imposed a lockdown at the same time!

None of us knows what is going to happen next moment in life. Many times an event that changes our lives is going to happen and we remain oblivious to it. The same thing happened with a girl in China. While going on a blind date, she did not know at all that she would be locked in a house with an unknown person (Woman Stuck With Stranger in House).

This incident happened with a girl named Ki Wang living in Zhengzhou city of China. She was looking for some boys for her marriage. When she reached to meet one of these boys, the government imposed a lockdown in the city at the same time. Because of this, the girl had to live in a house with the same unknown boy. Now the girl is sharing her experiences with people on social media.

Called for dinner, had to be imprisoned at home
According to the report of The Paper, she had come to Zhengzhou city to meet one of the boys shortlisted by Wang’s family members for her marriage. The boy had invited Wang to his house for dinner. At the same time, after the announcement of the lockdown, he had to be imprisoned in the same house. Now Wang is sharing videos related to this experience on social media. In this, the boy is seen giving full hospitality to his guest. Along with doing household chores, he also cooks food and also handles office work from laptop.

# The girl became rich by wearing the clothes of others, does not even buy a new bra!

video posted on twitter
Wang also posted a video related to his life on Twitter, which was viewed by a total of 6 million people. After this he got calls from many people, eventually Wang had to remove this video. Wang told that she wants a partner for herself who talks a lot, although the boy she has stayed with talks very little. Still, Wang is impressed by his eating and working habits.


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