The bride danced in marriage, did not like the song, then Mian divorced!

All girls have their dreams regarding marriage. If someone wants to wear the most expensive clothes in the wedding, then someone wants to dance and dance. If a bride also did something similar, then the very next moment all her happiness came to an end. You may find this strange thing to be a Weird Divorce, but this incident is hundred percent true.

This incident is from Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Here a husband divorced his wife just because she danced on a song during the marriage, which she did not like. Although this thing is not to be believed but it is true that the man left his wife after marriage only because of her dance performance.

Ghartodu song got divorced
According to Gulf News, at the wedding of an Iraqi man, his bride danced to a special song. The bride’s dance was good but the groom and his family did not like the song on which she was dancing. Actually it was a Syrian song, whose lyrics were – ‘Misayatara’. In English it means – I will guide you according to me and control you. On hearing the lyrics of the song, the groom’s mercury rose and he finally broke the marriage after quarreling with the bride. This Syrian song is sung by Lamis Kahn, which was sung during the wedding itself. By the way, the history of this song is Ghartodu. Even earlier last year this song was played by the bride during a wedding reception in Jordan and the couple got divorced.

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There have been more strange divorces
You will be surprised to know but even before this such strange divorces have happened. When the wife of an Australian man in Israel wanted to divorce him, he was sentenced to live in Israel for the next 8000 years. Otherwise, this person will have to pay an amount of 3 million US dollars. Not only this, in her own country also a woman divorced her husband because he is very kind and does not quarrel with him.


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