Tattoo craze made blind people try to change the color of the eyes

Bathed in ink all over the body, from head to toe, such an artwork that anyone would be surprised to see. There is a wonderful trend of getting every important moment of life, favorite subject tattooed on the body. Do not know how many needles have to be pricked into the body to make each design. Obviously that would also cause pain. Still, there are tattoo lovers who are not ready to accept it. One of such amateurs is 26-year-old Sarah Sabbath (Sarah Sabbath, 26, from Texas, US) from Texas, USA.

26-year-old Sarah Sabbath is a model and tattoo artist by profession. He has got about 100 tattoos done all over his body. They believe that tattoos make them feel good. According to Dailystar, he is happy when the tattoo design is engraved on his body.

Tattoos lost their eyesight in love
Sarah Sabbath’s addiction to tattoos reached its height when along with her body, she made up her mind to paint the eyes as well. That is, this model, eager to change everything from body to vision, got a shock when the eyesight disappeared in an attempt to make the eyes colorful. When he opened his eyes after the completion of the Eye Tattoo process. They could not see anything clearly. Even after waiting for some time and trying hard, when she could not see anything, then she realized that she had lost her eyesight.

It’s not a hobby, it’s a fad
Sara was in shock due to loss of eyesight. He told that the tattooed boy did not put enough Saline in his eyes. The water solution was not enough in comparison to the ink given too much. Due to which she became a victim of blindness. Due to which she went into deep depression. However, even the deepest pain could not keep him away from the tattoo for long. After this, he made many other types of designs on the face. Sara says that she loves to prick needles while getting tattoos done. They have got used to it. Earlier she used to be a little scared and nervous because of the pain. But now they feel good with the prick of needles.


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