Seeing this picture on the internet, everyone had pressed their fingers under their teeth, now its secret has been revealed, know the full story

New Delhi: Whenever a photo, video clip, or any news of space or astronauts comes to the fore, it is often surprising. At this time a similar news of space is becoming fiercely viral. Astronauts are able to carry out their work in space easily only when they are securely tied or attached to their spacecraft. In such a situation, imagine what would happen if an astronaut was left in the space itself.

At this time, the photo of an astronaut is becoming fiercely viral in social media, in which an astronaut is seen flying above the surface of the earth. There has been a lot of discussion about this photo at this time. Let us show you the tweets of social media

The Twitter account from which the photo of the flying astronaut was posted wrote the user who wrote Crazy photo of astronaut Bruce McCandless, the first person to conduct a free flight in space

At the same time, another user wrote that this tweet has got completely negative reactions. One user even called it nonsense.

Another Twitter user wrote that the astronaut seen in the photo is only a photo clip art.
Another user wrote that “Welcome to the wonderful world of image compression and JPG artifacts”.

Another user wrote that such work was done once in 1984. Google his name. Along with this, it was also said in this tweet that although this photo is completely photoshop.

Let us tell you that this photo was shared as a Facebook post on November 4. It was written in the post that the actual photo of an astronaut who covered a distance of 320 feet from the orbiter. It was 170 miles above the earth. It is being told that this is one of the best photos of astronauts ever taken.

Regarding the viral photo, some experts say that the spacewalk is a fact. A report in USA Today confirmed that parts of the viral photo were taken from a 1984 photograph of astronaut Bruce McCandless II during the first untethered spacewalk.


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