Omicron: Will the Omicron variant of Corona also take people to the hospital? The searching doctor made a big claim

New Delhi. Coronavirus new variants of Omicron Variant Almost every country in the world is worried since it came to the fore. Some countries have even started declaring restrictions here, taking precautions. People’s Corona Pandemic (Covid 19) The threat of a catastrophe-like catastrophe during the second wave is visible again. Omicron’s Identity South Africa has been done in. South African female doctor who identified it and brought it to the world Angelique Coetzee He himself has told about its symptoms and effectiveness.

Dr. Angelique Kotji is also the President of the South African Medical Association. According to media reports, Dr Angelique has also talked about the need for hospitalization of patients infected with Omicron. He has said that some of his patients had earlier fever and high pulse rate. But after two days his condition had become much better than before. They claim that a person infected with Omicron can be cured even at home. He will not need to be admitted to the hospital.

She says that when she was doing private practice in Pretoria, she came across many such patients in whom the symptoms of corona were somewhat different than before but they were mild. He says that the pulse rate was fast in these patients, but none of them had symptoms like loss of taste and smell. He has claimed that symptoms of the new variant were found in about two dozen of his patients. They were all healthy men. But most of them had become very lethargic and half were not even vaccinated.

Doctor Angelique has expressed concern that this new variant of the corona virus may affect the elderly and those who have other serious diseases. He says that people should definitely get the vaccine. If people who do not get the vaccine are infected with new variants of corona, then it can be a matter of danger.

At the same time, scientists say that it is not yet clear whether this form of the virus is more dangerous than the earlier forms. The new variant was identified a few days ago by researchers in South Africa and so far no information is available on whether it is more infectious or makes a patient seriously ill or negates the effect of its vaccine.

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