Is Omicron’s Peak Over? Expert’s warning – do not fall into the trap of sudden falling corona cases

London. in parts of Europe Omicron variant Due to the increase in corona virus cases, there is a sudden drop in its cases in some areas. Experts are surprised by this trend. He has warned not to fall into the trap of suddenly falling corona cases. Health experts say that it may be at its peak in some parts, but its effect will be in the entire region. Its danger still remains and due to this the number of patients in hospitals will remain high.

Health experts and politicians warned that it is not yet clear how the corona virus and its variants will affect but everyone should avoid its trap. He said that its effect may increase after the Christmas and New Year holidays, as people stay indoors and live together for a long time. At such a time the risk of this virus increases. However, due to vaccination and low severity of the Omicron variant, the number of hospitalized patients is relatively small at present. There were large numbers of people admitted here in the previous waves of COVID-19 infections and many of them died. If statistics are to be believed, Europe accounts for almost half of the global cases and deaths.

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Experts said that there has also been a sharp decline in the cases of Omicron variants in some areas. This variant was first identified in Southern Africa and Hong Kong. There has been a decline in Britain’s average cases for seven days, with about 30,000 cases less than the peak. At the same time, the Prime Minister of Spain has said that the infection numbers are stabilizing. A French public health institute has said that this wave could peak in mid-January.

At the same time, the World Health Organization’s Europe Director Hans Kluge said this week that we see many places where corona cases have reached the peak, while in some places they are reaching the peak. This could happen even earlier than we anticipated. We have to keep in mind the eastern part, the Central Asian republics, where this peak may still occur.


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