India-China Trade: Tension on the border in India-China, yet the two countries are doing business with each other like friends, here is the proof

Beijing: For almost two years, there has been tension between India and China regarding the border dispute (India China Border Dispute). On one hand, armies are deployed against each other in the borders of both the countries (India China LAC Dispute). Negotiations are going on between the two countries at the military and political level to end the dispute, but you will be surprised to know that despite the border dispute, there has been no reduction in the trade relationship between the two countries. The border tension between India and China in the Eastern Ladakh region did not see any impact on bilateral trade and in the year 2021, the trade of both the countries reached a record level of 125 billion dollars. During this, India’s trade deficit also increased to $ 69 billion.

According to trade data published on Friday, China’s total trade with India in the year 2021 stood at $ 125.66 billion, which is 43.3 percent higher than the year 2020. Global Times has published this report based on data from China’s Customs Department.

According to this, during January 2021 to December 2021, China’s exports to India increased by 46.2 percent to $ 97.52 billion. In comparison, China’s imports from India increased by 34.2 per cent to $28.14 billion.

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In this way, once again the trade balance was tilted in favor of China and India’s trade deficit increased to $ 69.38 billion. India has been raising its objections to the increasing trade deficit with China in the past as well. India’s demand is that China opens the doors of its market to Indian information technology and pharma companies.

Experts say that a large part of the increase in India’s imports from China in the year 2021 was from raw materials used in the manufacture of medical devices and medicines. During the Kovid-19 epidemic, India needed medical equipment on a large scale.

This increase in bilateral trade between India and China is also significant in the sense that both the countries were embroiled in a very tense situation along the border in the Eastern Ladakh region during the same period. Even now the armies of both the countries are in a very cautious position.

Several rounds of talks have been held between top military officials of India and China to reduce this tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). But till now no solution has been found.


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