Here kidney is being sold for a penny, people are selling it at throwaway price for money.

Ever since the US, UK have withdrawn their troops from Afghanistan, the situation there has started deteriorating. Now people are selling their kidneys to survive in this country. The situation of poverty is such that people are selling their kidneys here for money at throwaway prices. The Taliban started wreaking havoc in Afghanistan from August 2021. Now there are such circumstances that people have come to the point of starvation.

The local people of Afghanistan told that after twenty years, there has been such a situation that people have lack of food and drink. In just a few months, the situation has become such that people have to sell their body parts for money. According to the news of The Mirror, some time ago the news of women of Afghanistan selling their children for money has also come to the fore.

Giving information, Dr Nasir Ahmed, a Urologist and Kidney Transplant Surgeon from Afghanistan said that he himself has removed 85 kidneys in the last 12 months. Here a kidney is sold for four and a half lakh rupees. This includes hospital expenses, medicines and operation fees. Dr Ahmed told that selling kidney is risking your life. People suffer for a long time after selling a kidney due to lack of money.

The situation in Afghanistan has worsened after the capture of the Taliban.

Please tell that there is no culture of donating kidney in Afghanistan. There is a culture of selling kidneys here. Poor people agree to sell kidney for a few pennies. On the news of selling kidney due to paucity of money, Taliban clarified that it is distributing ration among the people. At the same time, the UN said that it is also giving crores of help to the Afghans. About 40 thousand workers are being given 10 kg wheat every day. Even after this people are selling kidney for money.


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