Coronavirus Research: Corona virus weakens 90% in 5 minutes in the air, big disclosure in the study

New Delhi: The biggest question about Coronavirus at this time remains, how long does the virus remain contagious in the air? In a study conducted by scientists of the University of Bristol in the UK, a big disclosure has been made about the trend of corona virus infection. According to research, once the corona virus is exhaled, it is contagious in the air for only five minutes. It was told in the research that virus particles remain infectious only for a maximum of five minutes after coming in contact with the air.

According to a preprint study, the initial infectiousness of the virus is reduced by 10 percent in 20 minutes. A special type of kit and an electric field were used to know the contagiousness of the corona virus. The same type of normal environment was created in this electric field as it is. Then many small droplets of the virus were entered in it.

The research revealed that when exposed to low relative humidity, the infectiousness of the virus decreased by 54 percent within just 5 minutes. Interestingly, although the initial loss in infectivity occurs almost immediately at low RH, the infectivity of the virus remains more stable, decreasing by an average of 19% over the next 5 minutes. However, these findings are yet to be reviewed.

Significantly, due to the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, once again there has been a huge jump in the cases of corona infection worldwide. The number of corona cases in India is increasing in thousands every day. In such a situation, scientists are engaged in continuous study regarding the infectivity of corona. Amidst the rapidly increasing cases, health experts are also advising people to follow the Kovid protocol and use of masks when going to public places.


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