China trapping British MPs through its female spy?

London. Britain’s domestic spy service MI-5 has issued a warning to lawmakers regarding a female spy from China. It has been said in this warning that a woman who donates to Britain’s Labor Party is a spy of China. This woman is also said to have a close relationship with a former UK MP. MI-5 said that a woman named Christine Lee is being monitored by security agencies on suspicion of espionage.

According to the Reuters report, the British intelligence agency said that this Chinese spy has not been arrested yet. He is not being expelled from the country at the moment. The Parliamentary Security Team of the Speaker of the British Parliament has sent a warning message to all MPs and colleagues in Westminster. It was said that Christine Li was indulging in activities of deliberate political interference on behalf of the United Front Affairs Department of the Communist Party of China.

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Christine Lee is a London-based lawyer. She has also been the former Chief Legal Adviser of the Chinese Embassy in London. She is currently the Legal Adviser to the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs. Lee is also the secretary of the Inter-Party China Group in Westminster.

Speaker’s warning
Former Conservative Party leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith told Reuters that MI5 had contacted Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle about the matter. After this, he has warned the members of Parliament that the agents of the Chinese government working with the MP are also active in Britain. In such a situation, special care needs to be taken to remove them from here.

Crores of donations given to Labor Party and one of its MPs
The Chinese spy has donated more than £500,000 to Barry Gardiner, an aide of top Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, to work with his son Daniel Wilkes in his office to date. It is also reported that she has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Labor Party in several pieces. Questions were asked about its funding five years ago but no action was taken.

Good relations of this spy with other parties as well
Christine Lee also has links with the Conservative Party. She has met David Cameron several times while he was prime minister. In January 2019, the then premier Theresa May was given the Point of Light Award in recognition of her contribution to good relations with China through the British Sugar Project. (with agency input)


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