China is forcibly keeping people in metal boxes on suspicion of Corona, watch video

Beijing. Coronavirus cases in China is once again causing havoc in the world. China has adopted ‘Zero Kovid Policy’ for corona control. For this, atrocities are also being done on the corona infected, emphasizing on tracking and tracing. A video of this is going viral on social media. This video is from Xian city of Shanxi province. In this video, corona infected are being forcibly kept in metal boxes in the name of Quarantine Center, so that the virus can be prevented from spreading.

According to the report of Daily Mail, pregnant women, children and the elderly are also being forced to live in these boxes. If even a single corona is found infected in any area, then the people of that area are put in these boxes. In many areas, people were taken out of their homes in the middle of the night and sent to these quarantine centers.

2 crore people imprisoned in homes
In China, under the ‘track-and-trace’ strategy, people coming in contact with the positive are traced and sent to the Quarantine Center. At present, about 2 crore people have been imprisoned in their homes. These people are not even allowed to come out to buy food.

On the other hand, China’s Tianjin city ordered a second round of Kovid-19 tests for all 1.4 crore residents on Wednesday after Omicron detected 97 cases in a preliminary investigation that began on Sunday. Residents have been asked to stay there till the results of all nuclide acid tests are out. Meanwhile, high-speed rail service in the region and buses in cities have also been stopped since the infection was reported.


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