Are we ready to treat corona like flu? Know what some countries are thinking

New Delhi. Slowly, but surely, many governments are coming around to the idea that the COVID-19 pandemic may be as localized as the flu. Not only this, these countries are asking people to live with Kovid. While the World Health Organization (WHO) is warning against reaching such a conclusion. Meanwhile, Spain has become the first European country to move towards eliminating masks on a large scale.

Experts in the US say that the majority of the population will be infected with the Omicron variant and the WHO itself has said that in the coming days more than half of the people in Europe will have the virus. Both have pointed to it being as common as the flu.

Lockdown and vaccination fail to stop corona from growing
The rising corona cases due to Omicron may still be early days, but the truth is that neither the lockdown nor the vaccination has been successful in stopping the spread of Kovid-19 completely. A similar view was expressed by the prime minister of Israel, whose country was one of the few countries in the world to vaccinate most of its adult population, introducing a third dose and even considering a fourth dose.

What did the Switzerland and UK minister say
Switzerland’s Home Minister Alain Burset has said that the corona epidemic can be considered to reach a flu-like state. Speaking at a media conference, he said, “We may be on the cusp of a historic event, moving from a pandemic phase to a local phase.” Britain’s education secretary, Nadim Zhawi, told the BBC that the UK was “moving from a pandemic to a local transition in the wake of COVID-19”.

Corona’s eclipse on Britain’s economy
Britain’s minister’s statement came at a time when the UK economy was returning to pre-pandemic levels for the first time. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 0.9 percent in November, compared to 0.1 percent in October. The holiday season contributed significantly to the rapid turnaround of the economy.

Many countries have reduced their quarantine time
Travel restrictions implemented by many European countries can also be relaxed. Many countries have shortened their quarantine time. The quarantine time in Estonia and Iceland has been reduced to seven days. Slovenia has also reduced its quarantine time to five days.

Norway will also get relief from restrictions
Norway is also thinking of easing some of the Kovid restrictions. According to a Reuters report, the Scandinavian countries are preparing to partially reverse the ban on serving alcohol in bars and restaurants. “We can ease some of the restrictions, but not all,” Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gehr Storey said at a news conference.

Netherlands announces easing of restrictions
Restrictions will also be eased in the Netherlands from Saturday. Non-essential shops, hairdressers and gyms will now be allowed to reopen. However, only a limited number of customers will be allowed to go to the shops. Students will also be allowed to visit their colleges and universities. Bars, restaurants, museums and other public places will remain closed.


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