African girls put chicken soup in private part, adopt dangerous method for attractive figure

Till today you must have drunk chicken soup. But do you know that the fashion trend is also being followed in Africa through Chicken Soup Injection. Yes, there is news that African people are injecting chicken soup into their private parts through injection. She believes that this injection makes her figure attractive. This news was shared on Twitter, which is going viral.

Social media has become a platform on which news from around the world is shared. Even distant news also becomes viral on social media. But it is also true that due to social media, many strange things also start trending. One such fashion statement is trending these days. Recently, a doctor from Nigeria informed through Twitter that by mistake, do not inject chicken soup in your private part.

This fashion trend has been going on for years

Yes, African fashion lovers are injecting chicken soup into their buttocks through injections these days. Chicken soup is injected into your skin through injection, where it gets frozen inside. It is said that after this, especially the figure of girls becomes attractive. But the doctors of Nigeria have appealed to the people not to do this at all. They say it is dangerous.

According to the information, African people are taking injections of stock cubes found in the market. Maggi, salt, sugar, black pepper, oil and many types of edibles are mixed in these cubes. By converting them into liquid, people fill it in the injection and after that inject it into their private part. Doctors have warned that due to this, people may have many problems ahead. Especially girls are addicted to this injection. In the name of fashion, this dangerous trend is being followed for years.


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