Radia cannot hear since birth, scientists made ears in the lab with the help of 3D

Ten-year-old Radia Mia from Pembrokeshire. When born, the left ear was not developed properly. But now he is about to add a big achievement to his name. She is set to become the first girl in Britain to use 3D bioprints for the first time. See in pictures how the ‘ear’ was prepared….

Scientists at Swansea University are working on a technique that will use some of the cartilage of the radia to 3D bioprint a new work for them.

Scientists say that he is at the top of those who are a part of our project. Scientists will take a small sample of cells from Radia’s nose, which will be used to make the work.

The research is led by Ian Whitaker, professor of plastic surgery at Swansea University Medical School and the surgical specialty of Health and Care Research Wales. In the future, human organs can be made using this technology.

Radia’s father is very happy. He said that this will increase the confidence of the daughter even more. Radia loves tying hair and getting her ears pierced. Now that he has both ears, he will like it even more.

The Scar Free Foundation is funding this three-year project. He said that in the UK there is 1 person in 100 who has some problem in his face. It adversely affects the mental condition of the patients. People working on the project said that it would use cartilage on which the patient’s own stem cells grow.

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