Google new features: Google users will now get the benefit of these features, can share these details without internet

The search engine will soon also allow its users to share their live location via iMessage.

Tech Desk. Two years after Apple rolled out Dark Mode for ISO 13, iOS users are soon going to get the Dark Mode feature for Google Maps. Users will get the benefit of this feature when a user is using the app at night or in a dark environment.

According to Google, to turn on Dark Mode, one has to click on the Settings menu. After that tap on Dark Mode and then tap on ON. If you want Google Maps to flip between light and dark mode to match your system settings, you can do that too. Not only this, Google plans to roll it out for its users as Google Maps on iOS is getting some other features in August as well.

The app will support widgets and will be offered in two different options. One that shows the traffic conditions near you and the other that will also have Google Maps search bar and information about restaurants near your home or you. Along with this, the search engine will soon give its users the option to share their live location with iMessage. Which can be an easy way to let your friends or family know where they are in a group chat if you don’t have internet access. However, this facility can be shared only for one hour.

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