How To Use Your Smartphone To Login To YouTube On SmartTV, Learn The Easy Way

Google recently Android TV/Google TV (Android TV/Google TV) The YouTube app has been updated for . The update introduces a new login method, which allows users to easily link to the YouTube TV app. Once the update is out, users will be able to login to YouTube TV using their smartphone, making sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wifi.

Earlier, users had to manually enter passwords on TVs and remotes, which is a cumbersome processor, especially for those who set their Google passwords for a long time.

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But now it will not happen. So if you’re wondering how to use your smartphone to sign in to YouTube on your TV, follow our step-by-step guideā€¦.

Keep these things in mind before the steps..
,Make sure that both your Smart TV and Smart TV are connected to the same Wifi connection.

Steps to use Smartphone to login to YouTube on TV:-
>>Open YouTube app on your TV and click on Sign in phone option.
, Make sure to download and install the latest version of the app on your smartphone as well as TV.

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, The app will ask you to open the YouTube app on your smartphone.
, Once the app is opened on your smartphone, the YouTube TV app will automatically detect the linked account and login with the same.
,That’s it, now you can enjoy your playlists, saved videos and more on your Smart TV.


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