UP Chunav: Congress gave tickets to 40% women, Rahul Gandhi said – a new beginning, we are bringing change

Lucknow/New Delhi. For Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election (UP Election 2022) Congress Has released its first list of 125 candidates, in which 40 percent women have been given tickets. Meanwhile, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has made a big statement mentioning the names of 50 women in the first list of 125 candidates announced for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. He said that this is a new beginning and his party is bringing a big change in the country. Along with this, Rahul also said that the Congress has fielded many such people with whom the BJP government has done ‘injustice’.

Rahul Gandhi said in a Facebook post, ‘We are bringing a huge change in the country and it has started from Uttar Pradesh. Keeping our promise, we released the list of 125 candidates, out of which 50 are women candidates. The special thing is that the list of these candidates also includes those people who have got injustice at the hands of the BJP government, like Unnao victim’s mother (Asha Singh).

Mention of these women candidates
At the same time, Rahul Gandhi has mentioned many women besides Unnao victim’s mother Asha Singh. According to him, ‘Among these candidates is a woman (Poonam Pandey) who raised her voice against the exploitation of the Asha sisters by the BJP government. The woman (Alpana Nishad) who has fought for years against the atrocities committed by the BJP government on the Nishad community, has also been given a ticket. There is a woman (Sadaf Jafar) who fought hard against the BJP’s CAA which broke the unity of the country. The woman (Ritu Singh) who was tortured by the BJP goons in the UP Panchayat elections is also associated with this campaign for justice.

Rahul Gandhi said this
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi insisted that he will fight against exploitation, he will win and become the voice of justice for the people. We do public participation, not drama of public service. The politics of hate is going, Congress is coming!


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