UP Chunav: BJP’s troubles are not decreasing, now BJP MLA from Shikohabad Mukesh Verma has resigned

LucknowThe troubles of the Bharatiya Janata Party are not decreasing in Uttar Pradesh (UP Election 2022). The process which started with the resignation of Swami Prasad Maurya is not taking its name to stop and now another MLA has left the BJP. Mukesh Verma, BJP MLA from Shikohabad in Uttar Pradesh has resigned. It is believed that he too will follow the path of SP like Swami Prasad Maurya.

MLA Mukesh Verma has resigned from the primary membership of the party. After resigning, Mukesh Verma said that Swami Prasad Maurya is our leader. Whatever decision he takes, we will support him. Many more leaders will join us in the coming days. Let us tell you that Swami Prasad Maurya has also recently separated from the BJP and he will join the SP on January 14 along with his other colleagues.

Mukesh Verma has alleged that during the tenure of 5 years by the BJP government, no attention was given to the leaders and public representatives of Dalit, backward and minority communities and the Dalits, backward farmers and unemployed were neglected. For this reason, I resign from the primary membership of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Names of MLAs-Ministers who resigned from BJP

1. Swami Prasad Maurya – Padrauna, Kushinagar 2. Brajesh Prajapati – Tindwari, Banda 3. Roshanlal Verma – Tilhar, Shahjahanpur 4. Bhagwati Prasad Sagar – Bilhaur, Kanpur 5. Vinay Shakya – Bidhuna, Auraiya 6. Digvijay Narayan alias Jai Choubey – Khalilabad, Sant Kabir Nagar 7. Madhuri Verma – Nanpara, Bahraich 8. Rakesh Rathod – Sitapur 9. Dara Singh Chauhan – Madhuban, Mau


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