UP Chunav: Akhilesh Yadav may not become a hit wicket by including BJP leaders? Know the reason…

Lucknow. Swami Prasad Maurya including BJP of several ministers and legislators Samajwadi Party by joining the party Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022 There is a lot of enthusiasm before. However, in giving tickets to these leaders Akhilesh Yadav He may have to face a lot of difficulties. With the arrival of these new leaders here, there has been a situation of many claimants on the same seat.

Nakur assembly seat of Saharanpur district can be taken as an example. Dharam Singh Saini, who joined the SP after leaving the ministerial post in the Yogi Adityanath government, is the MLA from Nakud for the second time and is a major contender for this seat in the upcoming elections. On the other hand, Imran Masood, who left the Congress and joined the SP, has also been a contender for this seat. He stood second in the 2012 and 2017 assembly elections.

outsider vs kin fight
Apart from Saini and Masood, many local leaders of Samajwadi Party were also claiming ticket from Nakud seat. He says that despite the SP being away from power for the last five years, he has been working on the ground like a loyal soldier of the party and has brought the party to a strong position.

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By the way, the Nakur assembly seat is not an isolated case. SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav may face a similar situation in more than 18 assembly seats, where sitting MLAs of the BJP and BSP have joined the SP in the recent past and are contesting their seats. Apart from this, Akhilesh has also tied up with seven smaller parties for the upcoming elections, which are demanding winning seats for their candidates.

swami prasad maurya’s son’s claim
On the other hand, UP’s prominent OBC leader Swami Prasad Maurya is the sitting MLA from Padrauna constituency. In 2012, the SP had finished fourth in Padrauna and in the 2017 elections, gave this seat to the coalition partner Congress, which had finished third in that election. In such a situation, there will be no problem for the SP to make Maurya the candidate from Padrauna, although the decision on the ticket of his son Uttrak will not be easy for Akhilesh.

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Uttrak had lost to Manoj Pandey of SP from Unchahar seat in the 2012 and 2017 assembly elections. Utsav had contested the 2012 elections as a BSP candidate, while in 2017 he was a BJP candidate. In such a situation, Manoj Pandey, one of the big Brahmin leader of his area, is considered strong in this seat. He has also organized ‘intellectual meetings’ recently to woo Dalit voters.

Rajbhar’s power show
At the same time, Ram Achal Rajbhar, a veteran BSP leader, has joined the SP a few weeks back. In the 2017 elections, Rajbhar had captured the Akbarpur seat by defeating the then SP MLA. Rajbhar was one of the few BSP MLAs who had confirmed their victory in the Modi wave. In such a situation, he is not going to give up his claim on it easily. A view of this was seen recently when he organized a big rally demonstrating his strength.

A similar situation is in the Katehri constituency, where the sitting MLA Lalji Verma has recently left the BSP and has chosen a cycle. He is the frontrunner in the race for the ticket from this seat. However, senior SP leader Jaishankar Pandey has also claimed the same seat. He had finished third in the last assembly elections.

Apart from this, in seats like Bhinga, Sidhauli, Pratappur, Handia, Dholana, Mungra Badshahpur, Chillupar, Sitapur, Khalilabad, Bilsi and Nanpara, MLAs of other parties have also made it difficult for Akhilesh by joining the SP.


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