UP Chunav 2022: Politics of twin brothers in this district of UP, different voices will be filled with a courtyard

Saharanpur. The assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh (UP Assembly Election 2022) have become very interesting this time. The special thing is that this time the Qazi Gharana of Saharanpur district is in discussion in the elections. From where Kazi Rashid Masood became an MP and Union Minister for eight times. Seeing Qazi Rashid Masood, his nephews Imran Masood and Noman Masood started dreaming of political future. Imran and Noman are twin brothers, Imran is a few minutes older. The family is also one and the house and courtyard too, but with the passage of time, the political path of both of them has parted. In the political journey of this time, Imran has taken over the election command from SP and Noman from BSP.

Let us inform that Qazi Rashid Masood from the Qazi Gharana of Gangoh was the President of the Municipality. his brother Qazi Rashid Masood was an MP for eight times. Imran is the eldest of the five nephews of Qazi Rashid Masood. He has a younger twin brother Noman. Apart from this, there are Salman, Adnan and Zeeshan. Born on 20 April 1969, Imran and Noman Masood had uncle learned political stakes, Imran wanted to replace his uncle Rashid Masood, while Noman was seeking to do politics in Gangoh. Till now the path of Imran and Noman was the same, but their paths changed regarding the succession of the inheritance. Imran left the Congress and followed the path of SP, while Noman has joined the BSP.

Political journey of Imran Masood
Imran studied till intermediate. Elected President of Saharanpur Municipality. Became National Secretary and Delhi in-charge in Congress. Imran was elected an independent MLA from Muzaffarabad seat in 2007. In 2012, contested the assembly elections from Nakud on a Congress ticket. Contested Lok Sabha elections from Congress in 2014. In the 2017 election, he lost the Nakur assembly seat to Dr. Dharam Singh Saini of the BJP. Contested from Saharanpur on Congress ticket in 2019-Lok Sabha elections, stood third.

Noman Masood lost in 2017
Elected President of Gangoh Municipality. In 2017, contested the assembly elections from Congress from Gangoh seat, lost. In 2019, he lost as a Congress candidate in the by-election from Gangoh.


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