Padrauna Assembly seat: Reputation of RPN Singh and Minister Swami Prasad at stake in Padrauna

Kushinagar. Padrauna assembly seat was the cabinet minister of the state and has now become a SP leader. Swami Prasad Maurya It is said to be a strong fort. Congress leader ever in this seat RPN Singh Used to be a stronghold. He used to be an MLA from the seat until he became a member of the Lok Sabha in 2009. In 2007, he won from here for the third time in a row. Swami Prasad Maurya, who was then in the BSP, snatched this seat from the Congress in the 2009 by-elections after becoming the MP of RPN. Since then he has been winning continuously. He won the 2017 election on a BJP ticket.

before 2017 B J P He had won from Padrauna in 1991 Ram Lehar. in 1993 Samajwadi Party K Baleshwar Yadav snatched this seat from BJP. From 1996, the supremacy of Congress leader RPN Singh has been established here. The Congress has not won this seat since RPN won the Lok Sabha elections. However, in every election, she remains in the contest. The reputation of Swami Prasad and RPN Singh will be at stake in the 2022 elections. Although the RPN Congress There is speculation about leaving. The picture is not clear yet.

2017 Result

In the 2017 election, BJP’s Swami Prasad Maurya got 93649 votes. They BSP He defeated K Javed Iqbal by 40552 votes. Shivkumari Devi of Congress was at number three with 41162 votes.

caste equation

With 3.48 lakh voters Padrauna assembly seat But there are maximum 84 thousand Muslim voters. It is followed by Scheduled Caste voters, whose number is about 76. Brahmins 52 thousand, Yadav 48 thousand, Senthwar voters of RPN Singh’s fraternity 46 thousand, while the voters of Swami Prasad Maurya’s Kushwaha caste are about 44 thousand.


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