Meerut: Such a passion for CM Yogi that he got a tattoo made, this handicapped fan is painted in saffron color

Meerut. Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2022 The bell has sounded. In the first phase of UP elections on February 10, voting Meerut Assembly Seat Votes will also be cast in In such a situation, strange colors of politics are being seen here. Today we will introduce you to such a disabled person who may not be able to stand on his feet but he understands the ladder of politics very well. This handicapped person says that he Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Biggest fan of . He has also met the Chief Minister and he roams the streets of Meerut with the gifts given by him.

Wherever these Divyang fans of CM Yogi go out, people keep looking at them. Not only this fan but his tricycle also becomes the center of attraction. The Divyang fan wearing a saffron-coloured bicycle and apparel is visible to people from afar. Along with this, the decoration of his tricycle also attracts everyone’s attention. When team’s eyes also fell on this Divyang fan, they told the secret of this hoax.

Divyang fan Amit Gaur says that he had once tried to meet the then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav in 2013, but he could not meet even after all the efforts. Time changed, power changed but his passion to meet CM remained intact. Eventually his penance paid off and on July 18, he met CM Adityanath. After meeting the CM, he got the tricycle as a gift on August 15 last year. Amit liked meeting the CM so much that he has now started claiming that he is his biggest fan.

Amit Gaur is such a big fan that he has also made many tattoos on his body. He has also got the key of his tricycle made in a unique way. You have also got your name and address written in your car. This fan of the Chief Minister claims that this time the BJP will cross the 300 mark. Well, who will win how many seats, time will tell, but such dark colors of politics will be seen in this political season.


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