Meerut:-See, cow based farming is the best option for more production at low cost

Meerut:- Talking about farming, in today’s era some farmers do chemical farming based on chemical farming, while some farmers are moving fast towards organic farming. But today we will tell you about such farming, which is completely different from both these rules. By which the farmer is getting a lot of benefit. Farmer Brijesh Kumar Tyagi told that through natural farming based on cow, where there is better crop in less cost. At the same time, the fertilizer capacity of the land is also increasing and the water consumption is reduced.

Use of cow urine and dung of indigenous cow in agriculture

Farmers are cultivating mango, litchi, guava and other types of fruits by Brijesh Kumar Tyagi. In a special conversation with the team of Local, he told that he uses cow urine and dung of indigenous cow while doing farming. He said that fresh cow dung is very useful for farming. At the same time, the older the cow urine, the more effective it will be. Earthworms are attracted by the aroma and nutrition contained in cow dung. Those who are engaged in continuous work to make the land fertile. The greater the number of earthworms in the land, the higher is the fertility of the land.

Water consumption is reduced and land capacity is expanding
According to the farmer, he started farming in this way in 2004. He used to work in Gujarat. But he left the job and thought that he would do his own farming. For which he adopted the ancient natural method. He said that in today’s era Farmers are making the land hollow by using more chemical fertilizers. So that the germs which are necessary for the land. They are going down to the surface. He said that today the crop also needs water very much. On the other hand, if we talk about organic farming, then the amount of manure is high in it. But cow based farming is like this. Where is the best crop? The same cost is also less. He told that earlier he was growing this crop alone in his 13 acres of land. But now Qila Parikshit is also making other farmers aware about it in the citadel. Attending various seminars since the year 2019, he is working to advance cow based farming.

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