Hardoi: The girl swallowed the gold ring, got stuck in the throat; Doctors removed without surgery

Hardoi. The doctor became god for a 2-year-old girl living in Bawan town of Lonar police station area in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. The girl swallowed a ring which got stuck in her throat. Due to this the girl’s life had come to a standstill. His family members were advised to take him to Lucknow and get the operation done. In the meantime, when the family members consulted the doctors of the district hospital, the surgeon posted there saved her life by removing the ring stuck in the neck of the girl with a telescopic method without surgery. Now the girl is completely healthy and has been sent home.

According to the information, Hamza, a 2-year-old girl of Hafeez, a resident of Bawan town, was playing, when she put a big gold ring in her mouth. She swallowed the ring which got stuck in her throat. When the family saw this, they were terrified. The family took him to a private doctor from Bavan itself. When the X-ray was done, the ring was found stuck in the girl’s neck. After this, the family members were taken to Lucknow and immediately advised for the operation of the girl.

The girl swallowed the gold ring which got stuck in her throat. This brought disaster on his life. The doctor removed it without surgery. (News 18 English)

Seeing the condition of the girl, the terrified family members agreed to go to Lucknow. Before leaving Lucknow, he reached the district hospital and showed the girl. Where surgeon Vivek Singh, along with Dr Sneha Singh, saw the girl and admitted her. After a lot of effort, both the doctors took out the gold ring stuck in the girl’s neck with the telescopic method. He did this without any operation.

The girl heaved a sigh of relief as soon as the ring came out. The girl was admitted to the district hospital for a few hours and after that she was sent home. The family thanked the doctors for the child’s recovery.


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