Exclusive: Dr. Dharam Singh Saini said after resignation, everyone’s date is fixed, who will go when?

Saharanpur/Lucknow. Before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections (UP Election 2022), the political mercury has risen. Meanwhile, Saharanpur MLA and Ayush Minister who resigned from BJP Dr. Dharam Singh Saini Made a big statement. He said that Dalits continued to be exploited for 5 years and only a particular class was given importance. With this, he said that more number of ministers will resign in UP. Tomorrow i.e. on Friday morning itself, a minister will resign.

Not only this, Dr. Dharam Singh Saini has also claimed that everyone’s date has been fixed. Who will resign when? Whereas today was my day. At the same time, he said that I will not name the names, but a large number of ministers are going to come to the Samajwadi Party. BJP is completely on the back foot today. Also said that the BJP is trying to convince the MLAs whose tickets were being cut in the party by giving them back tickets.

I have also been assured
With this, Saini said, ‘I was also assured that the honor would be given, but in 5 years when the honor was not received even after getting the assurance, I decided to resign. Also said that on March 10 the result will tell whether we are weak or strong. At the same time, he said that we do politics for the Dalits and we are with them in every happiness and sorrow. We all advocate for the backward. All I would say is that there has been a complete change now.

Minister Nand Gopal Nandi’s target on Saini
Meanwhile, Minister Nand Gopal Nandi has targeted Dr. Dharam Singh Saini. While sharing a video, he said that if you want to see the difference between words and deeds or practical to see the idiom changing color like a chameleon, then see the video of Dharam Singh Saini two days ago and today’s picture with Akhilesh Yadav. If your own seat is in danger, then you are pretending to be a martyr by cutting your nails. Along with this said that the public is watching and understanding everything. Which face will you take among the people of your assembly? The people of the state have geared up to teach a lesson and on March 10, the sack of selfish and opportunistic people will cover the bed.

Dr. Dharam Singh Saini wrote this in his resignation
Dr. Dharam Singh Saini wrote in his resignation, ‘I, as AYUSH Minister (Independent Charge), discharged the responsibilities with prior dedication, but with the expectations of Dalits, backward, farmers, educated unemployed, small and middle class The businessmen of the BJP worked together to form the government with a thumping majority, I resign from the UP cabinet due to the continuous neglectful attitude towards him and his people’s representatives.


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