Chillupar Assembly seat: Somebody will fight from Chillupar, the contest is to be between Yogi Adityanath and Harishankar Tiwari

Gorakhpur. No party has ever dominated the Chillupar assembly seat. The voter here has always been an individualist. Name of the person who currently lives here Harishankar Tiwari Is. He is also called Pandit ji in Gorakhpur. By the way, everyone will be familiar with Pandit ji, those who do not know this information is for them. In fact, Gorakhpur There are two centers of power, one Gorakhnath temple. Whose Mahant is the current Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The second hall, which is not a monastery or a temple, is the residence of Harishankar Tiwari. Both these places are such, whose address any person from Gorakhpur will tell you without question. Harishankar Tiwari since 1985 for six consecutive times Chillupar Been MLA from Presently his son Vinay Shankar Tiwari is the MLA. Before Harishankar Tiwari, this seat was dominated by Kalpnath Singh. Who was an MLA from Socialist Party, Congress and Janata Party. History was made after the rise of Harishankar Tiwari.

Harishankar Tiwari became an MLA for the first time in 1985. independent. He also has a record in his name. India’s political history In this, Harishankar Tiwari is the first Bahubali, who won the election for the first time while in jail. This was the time when Harishankar Tiwari and Virendra Pratap Shahi dominated the entire Purvanchal. One had declared himself a self-styled leader of the Brahmins, the other of the Thakurs. The feud between the two also became a matter of discussion. Shahi had made Navtanwa the base of his politics, while Panditji made Chillupar. Although the royal Amarmani Tiwari Got a tough fight, but Harishankar continued to win uninterruptedly. He interfered and became dominant till the power of Lucknow.

That historical event of UP

Who can forget that incident of 1997, when Kalyan Singh Jagdambika Pal was made the Chief Minister overnight after being removed from the Chief Minister’s chair. With Harishankar Tiwari, he broke away from Congress. democratic congress Naresh Aggarwal and Bachha Pathak, who formed it, also had a hand. Jagdambika Pal was also a part of this group. Later, within 24 hours, these people reunited with Kalyan Singh, leaving Jagdambika Pal alone. Jagdambika Pal He was neither a minister nor a Chief Minister, the High Court took away the right to write a former Chief Minister from him. Whatever governments were there in that period, whether it was Kalyan Singh, Mayawati, Rajnath Singh or Mulayam Singh Yadav. Harishankar Tiwari was a minister in all the governments.

Tiwari got the challenge for the first time

Tiwari got the challenge in 2007. That too from a Brahmin. Rajesh Tripathi Entered the election fray of Chillupar on a BSP ticket. He became a sensation in the area by defeating Harishankar Tiwari by nearly seven thousand votes. After this, he had made all the four in the 2012 elections too. After this the discussion started in Chillupar that the lion has become old now. Here, when Harishankar Tiwari felt that Rajesh would not be able to cross Tripathi, he got his clan included in the BSP. Harishankar Tiwari’s son Vinay Shankar Tiwari won the 2017 election from Chillupar. BSP fought with Rajesh Tripathi was in front of him again. This time as a BJP candidate. There was a tough fight between the two, but Vinay Shankar got the last bet. He could win by just 3359 votes. Vinay Shankar got 78177 votes, while Rajesh Tripathi got 74818 votes.

What is caste equation

Chillupar assembly seat with 4.31 lakh voters is dominated by Brahmin voters. Whose number is about 1.05 lakh. Dalit and Nishad voters are also in a decisive position. At present, the clan of Harishankar Tiwari has left the BSP and joined the SP. All the seats of Gorakhpur in the 2022 elections Yogi Adityanath associated with the reputation of The way the police raided the house as soon as he became the Chief Minister, it shows what Yogi’s intention is regarding Chillupar. This is the only assembly seat of Gorakhpur, where the BJP has not been able to win so far.


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