Amroha Assembly Seat: Who will win Amroha? Parties engaged in wooing voters

Amroha. 403 assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh (UP Assembly Elections 2022) has been announced for the assembly elections. For the political struggle, all the political parties are trying to set up their equations. ruling on one side Bharatiya Janata Party While it is trying to get the chair again on the basis of its five years of work, the opposition parties are making more than one promise in front of the voters. UP power Trying to achieve.

In the midst of this political turmoil, the state’s Amroha assembly seat But still the political turmoil continues. Mehboob Ali from the Samajwadi Party won the Amroha seat in the 2017 assembly elections. He defeated Naushad Ali of Bahujan Samaj Party by a margin of 15042 votes. Mehboob Ali got 74713 votes, while BSP candidate got 59671 votes. On the third number was Dr. Kunwar Saini of BJP, who got 45420 votes.

About Amroha

Amroha First Moradabad District was a part of. After this, on 24 April 1997, it was declared as the headquarters of the newly formed Amroha district. The Ganges river is the main river here. Amroha district is bounded by Bijnor district on the north, Moradabad district on the east and Meerut district, Ghaziabad district and Bulandshahr district on the west.

Vasudev Temple, Tulsi Park, Gajraula, Rajabpur, Kankhathar and Tigri are some of the major tourist places here. Apart from being a market for agricultural products, Amroha mainly houses handloom textiles, pottery industries and sugar mills. Amroha is connected to Moradabad and Delhi by rail.


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