Abdullah Azam, son of Azam Khan, who was released from jail, said on the break in BJP – he was being oppressed there

Sitapur. The moment Azam Khan’s supporters were waiting for since morning, finally that hour has arrived. Azam Khan’s son Abdullah Azam Khan was released from jail. After his release, Abdullah Azam reached the residence of former MLA Anoop Gupta. There was already an influx of his supporters in large numbers. His supporters were very happy with the release of Abdullah Azam. Significantly, since Saturday morning, speculations were being made about the release of Abdullah, son of Samajwadi Party MP Mohammad Azam Khan, who was lodged in Sitapur jail. After getting released from jail, Abdullah Azam gave a big statement on the break in BJP. They were being harassed, they were being oppressed, so they all joined the Samajwadi Party. Let us inform that many ministers and MLAs including Swami Prasad Maurya have joined the SP.

Abdullah Azam has given a big statement as soon as he is released from jail. He said that everyone in the BJP is upset, so he is leaving the party. At the same time, he said about the days spent in jail that he was treated like a terrorist. Abdullah Azam has also announced to contest the assembly elections. He said that I will contest and win the elections. At the same time, he said that this time only Akhilesh Yadav will become the Chief Minister again. Just wait for 10th March.

BJP 1st List: Akash Saxena, who had filed a flurry of cases against Azam Khan, has been nominated by the BJP.

Rasal, Abdullah Azam was in jail since 26 February 2020 and there were about 43 cases registered against him. According to reports, he has got bail from the court in all the ongoing cases against him. On the other hand, his father Azam Khan will still have to stay in jail. He is also lodged in Sitapur Jail and has not been able to get bail in the ongoing cases against him.

Let us inform that Abdullah had contested the 2017 election from Swar assembly seat of Rampur on a SP ticket. He had won from here and had captured the MLA’s chair. Till now everything was fine but Congress Pratyesh Nawab Kazim and Ved Mian complained about his age. On the basis of this complaint, the Allahabad High Court canceled the election of Abdullah. This matter is still in the court.

The SP would have got some relief from Khan’s release. It is worth noting that there is a provision in the Representation of the People Act that if an elected public representative is sentenced to more than two years in a criminal case, then he is barred from contesting elections for 6 years. Abdullah Azam has not been convicted in any criminal case so far.


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