The female employee of the bank played a vicious mind, cleaned her hands on the money of her customers, the police were also surprised

Dr. Ranjan Dave

Jodhpur. In Jodhpur, Rajasthan (Rajasthan), a woman employee of a bank cleaned up her own customers’ money (Bank Fraud). Although, the female employee does not work in the bank yet, yet the bank administration is silent. Police have arrested three people on the complaint of the victims. Police say that it is not possible to withdraw lakhs of rupees from different accounts without the help of any officer of the bank. At present, the police is investigating the matter.

Aishwarya Boda, a former female employee of the bank, used to work as postal dispatcher of Axis Bank. Women used to return checks of customers and used to do the work of entering them in the register. In this episode, two customers of the bank returned the checks of Lalaram and Dhankumar and came to the bank. Accused Aishwarya took money from the customers’ bank accounts by keeping some checks from the returned check book with her.

The accused came in such police custody

When these customers came to know that they had withdrawn money from the bank, then the customers contacted the bank, then the matter of lifting money from the bank account came to the fore. Customers contacted the bank branch manager but did not get proper response. then the customers Sardarpura A case was registered in the police station. After receiving the complaint, the police started investigation and Shelendra and Dharamveer were arrested. During interrogation, the accused told the mastermind of this whole case to Aishwarya Boda. Aishwarya had withdrawn the accounts of both the customers in 6,60000 and 617000 different installments.

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The police suspects that there may be fraud with many more customers. The police suspect that the entire work has been carried out with the connivance of other employees of the bank. The police argue that if the involvement of any other person is exposed, then action will be taken against them as well. At present, the bank is refusing to say anything in this matter.


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