Poor mother did not give 20000 rupees to buy mobile, then son shot himself, family was in bad condition

Harveer Sharma
Dholpur. Nowadays it has been seen that parents give mobile to their child to play in love. But this mobile can be very fatal for them and their children in the coming time. One such case has come up in Dholpur district of Rajasthan. The case pertains to Bijhauli village of Sarmathura police station area of ​​Dholpur district, where a young man committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol on Wednesday-Thursday night. The deceased youth was insisting on taking a mobile of 20 thousand from his mother.

According to the information received from the police, 18-year-old Prashant’s son Sangram Singh insisted on his mother to get a mobile worth 20 thousand on Wednesday afternoon, but due to lack of money, the mother could not fulfill the son’s insistence. The mother assured the son to get money from the father. On this the young man got angry and set his book and household items on fire. Seeing the anger of the son, the mother gave 8 thousand rupees kept with her. But the young man was adamant on the insistence of taking 20 thousand rupees. On not getting the money, the young man had decided something else in his mind.

youth commits suicide
The young man committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol in the evening. As soon as the bullet was fired, the villagers ran to the spot and took the youth to the Sarmathura hospital in an injured condition. Where the doctors declared the young man dead in the hospital. During which the young man committed suicide by shooting, at that time his father had gone to Jaipur to work. The deceased youth are two brothers and one sister, who study in the village school itself. There is grief in the village due to the incident. The family has cremated the youth at Muktidham in the village without informing the police. After the incident, the other members of the family including the mother are in a bad condition.


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