Police’s shocking claim in Alwar case, SP Tejaswini Gautam denies rape, CCTV footage surfaced

Jaipur. Alwar Police has made a shocking claim in the gangrape case of a minor who was found bleeding on the Tijara gate culvert in Alwar, Rajasthan. Superintendent of Police (SP Tejaswini Gautam) Tejaswini Gautam has now denied being raped. On Friday late evening, SP Gautam claimed on the basis of the expert panel of JK Lawn Hospital Jaipur that the girl was not raped. How did the deaf minor get such a fatal injury in his private part? How did she bleed? Investigation is on to find out what happened to the girl on the culvert.

The SP said, according to the report of the medical expert, there is an injury in the private parts of the girl. Facts like rape have not come to the fore. This has been told on the basis of medical experts, forensic experts, technical facts. The medical team has also been told about the injury of the girl’s private parts. On the same basis it is being said that there are no facts like rape.

Police searched 300 CCTV cameras in three days
Superintendent of Police said that the girl CCTV I am seen alone. Pedestrians have been seen everywhere. Police has scanned 300 CCTV cameras in three days. There didn’t seem to be any incident. Auto came from village to city. Auto was traced. The driver has been questioned. Auto samples were taken. There also nothing like sexual assault came out from the girl. After coming to the city, the girl has been seen alone in different places. The police have seen most of the footage from the bus stand till the Tijara culvert climbs.

Sexual assault with the girl did not come to the fore
He said that we are still investigating in this matter. Efforts are on to find out what kind of incident happened with the girl on the culvert. As soon as any new facts come out, they will be told. According to the report so far, no sexual assault of any kind came to the fore from the girl. As soon as we get new evidence, we will reach further conclusions accordingly.

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What happened to the girl in those 10 minutes, investigation continues
The SP said that on the evening of January 11, at around 7:31, the girl is seen climbing on the culvert. There is no suspect with her, but after 10 minutes the girl was found bleeding. Now our investigation is focused on these 10 to 15 minutes. After all, what happened to the girl in those 10 minutes, the investigation is going on. At that time, the vehicles coming out of the bridge are being checked.


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