Minister Sukhram Bishnoi’s son threatened the lineman on the phone, said – don’t disconnect the connection

Jaipur. The audio of a lineman and son of Minister of State for Labor Sukhram Bishnoi is going viral. In this viral audio, Minister of State for Labor and Sanchore MLA Sukhram Bishnoi’s son is threatening the lineman of Discom. In the audio, Dr. Bhupendra Bishnoi, son of the Labor Minister, is threatening the Lineman of Bishwadi GSS that if there is any outstanding electricity bill, but you will not cut the connection.

In the audio, the lineman is also answering the minister’s son that you pay their outstanding bills, we will not cut the connection. On this answer the minister’s son became unanswered.

Don’t know who I am, the minister’s boy is speaking
Soparam, a resident of Goliyon of Rebario in Sanchore city, is working as a lineman in Beyhwadi. After calling Bhupendra Bishnoi, in the end, he also threatened to be a minister’s son. The lineman kept answering them and said that you do not know who I am. I am speaking the boy of Labor Minister.

Minister-son and lineman’s phone conversation went viral
Dr. Bhupendra: Why cut people’s electricity connections, whether you are a government servant or a private servant?
Lineman: I am a government servant.
Dr. Bhupendra: I am Dr. Bhupendra Bolu. Why cut off the light?
Lineman: If people do not pay the bill, then they have to cut it.
Dr. Bhupendra: Well, what is necessary?
Line Man: It is necessary, we have been given a list.
Dr. Bhupendra: Keep the list with you, don’t talk like that unnecessarily.
Dr. Bhupendra: You will not cut anyone’s connection, first you give warning, then cut.
Lineman: The warning has been given, they do not know that the bill is pending for 2-2 years.
Dr. Bhupendra: You will not disconnect anyone’s connection.
Lineman: Will not cut, you get the bill deposited.
Dr. Bhupendra: Why should I submit the bill, I will not pay it.
Lineman: You are saying, so fill it.
Dr. Bhupendra: Do you know me, Dr. Bhupendra is speaking of Labor Minister’s boy. You will not cut the connection for one thousand and one and a half thousand.

Was told only inta that first give warning: Bhupendra
When he came to know about this conversation with Dr. Bhupendra Bishnoi, he said that the lineman is bound by Soparam. There were constant complaints about it. He was disconnecting the connection by harassing the thousand and two thousand arrears. That’s why they have been told that first warn them once and then bite.


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