Clouds of crisis on Congress board in Jaipur Municipal Corporation Heritage, BJP preparing to give a big blow

Jaipur. All is not well these days in Jaipur Municipal Corporation Heritage. There is huge dissatisfaction among the independent councilors who gave the Congress mayor post in the Municipal Corporation Heritage. They are angry with the non-fulfilment of the promises made to the independent councilors and they are now preparing to withdraw their support to the Congress. The BJP has started preparing to capitalize on the dissatisfaction between the independent councilors and the Congress. In such a situation, there can be a coup at any time in the Heritage Municipal Corporation of the capital Jaipur. In fact, both the Congress and the BJP did not get a majority in the Heritage Municipal Corporation of Jaipur. In such a situation, both the parties fought a lot, but when the Congress was in power in the state, the independent councilors who played an important role in forming the board gave their support.

During this, the Congress leaders of Jaipur district had made many promises like making independent councilors committee chairman, but due to lack of participation in power and hearing of independent councilors, now they have opened a front against the Congress. Independent councilors are now openly saying that we have been assured by the MLAs of Jaipur, but it also has a time limit. Independent councilor says that elections were held along with heritage in Greater, committees were also formed there and everything is going well and but we are not being heard. In such a situation, all the independents will unitely consider the withdrawal of support. Independent councilors Mohammad Zakaria and Rohit Chanwaria say that they will not wait for time, now they are going to decide so that they can get participation in power.

Why is the importance of independent councilors in the Heritage Municipal Corporation:
There are a total of 100 ward councilors in the Heritage Municipal Corporation. Congress has 47 while BJP has 42 councillors. Out of 11 independent councilors, 2 have given their support to the BJP and 9 have given to the Congress. In this way, there is dissatisfaction among the 9 independent councilors who made the Congress mayor by giving their support. Realizing this importance, the District President of Jaipur and presently Food Minister Pratapsinh Khachariawas is also openly accepting the delay in giving power to independent councilors. Along with this, we are also giving assurance that everything will be fine soon.

On the lines of Madhya Pradesh, the BJP is preparing to cash in on the dissatisfaction between the Congress and the independents in Jaipur Heritage. BJP councilor Kusum Yadav, who was a candidate for Mayor’s post from Heritage Corporation on BJP ticket, is giving open invitation to independent councilors to form government in Heritage by supporting BJP. Kusum Yadav says that independents are not being heard, in such a situation, the top leadership of the BJP will give full respect to the independents.

running out of time
However, if the Congress still does not fulfill the promises made while forming power with the independent councilors in time, then the dam of patience of the independent councilor can be broken at any time. At the same time, the BJP, which is looking for power in the heritage, is trying its best to capitalize on this opportunity.


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