Tired of husband’s infidelity, wife gave betel nut to his friend and got him murdered

Jabalpur. A heart-wrenching murder took place in Jabalpur. Here the wife, fed up with her husband’s infidelity, got his head beheaded. The wife used the husband’s money and friend for the murder. By giving the betel nut for the murder to a friend, the husband was put to sleep.

A beheaded body of a man was found in the field on 12th January in Machla village of Panagar. His head was lying in another field. Sensation was spread by this heinous murder. People had identified the deceased as Naresh Mishra of the village. The police disclosed this murder today.

wife wrote report
The deceased Naresh Mishra was missing since the night of 10 January. His wife Usha reached the police station on January 11 and lodged a missing report of the husband. The police was still investigating that on January 12, the head and torso of the king were found in two different fields. On getting information about the incident, the police reached the spot and started the investigation of the murder.

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Villagers gave clue
During the investigation, the villagers told the police that Naresh had left the house at around 8 pm and was last seen walking with a young man named Akhilesh Vishwakarma from the village itself. On this information, when the police took Akhilesh in custody and strictly interrogated him, then the whole thing spewed out. He told that he had killed Naresh.

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infidelity took my life
The police officers were also stunned after hearing the reason Akhilesh gave for the murder. Akhilesh and Naresh were good friends. The two often drank alcohol together. In 2019, Naresh tried to rape Akhilesh’s sister-in-law. Since then, Akhilesh had started enmity with her. Akhilesh says that Naresh Mishra also had illicit relations with some other woman. His wife was also aware of this. There used to be frequent disputes between the two on this matter.

Wife gave money, farsa
Some time back, Naresh had sold his half-acre of land and bought a Bolero vehicle, which he himself used to drive on rent. He kept the rest of the money at home. About 10 days ago, Naresh’s wife Usha told Akhilesh about the excesses happening with her and asked him to kill Naresh. In return, he lured him to give Rs 2 lakh. Affected by the greed for money and the feeling of revenge, Akhilesh accepted Usha’s proposal. When Akhilesh agreed, Usha also gave him an ax for killing Naresh.

drunkenly drunk
According to the plot, on the evening of January 10, Akhilesh called Naresh and invited him to drink alcohol in the field outside the village. Both of them drank while sitting together. Akhilesh made Naresh drink more alcohol, due to which he became intoxicated and became unconscious. After this, Akhilesh took out the ax in the field itself and after 4-5 blows killed Naresh by separating his neck from his torso. After sometime Akhilesh raised his head and threw his torso in a field and in another place and went home.

sad drama after murder
After killing Naresh, Usha first went to the police station and got his missing report written. Both Akhilesh and Usha kept on pretending to be sad when they found the dead body. When the police interrogated, the whole story came to the fore. The police have arrested Akhilesh, who killed Naresh and his wife Usha Mishra, who gave the betel nut and sent them to jail.


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