The dead body of the wife and son were lying in the room, the father told the friend – run, otherwise the police will catch

Indore. Sensation has spread due to the incident of double murder in Banganga police station area of ​​Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The bodies of a 38-year-old woman and an 11-year-old teenager have been found in a house here. Both were murdered by slitting their throats with a sharp weapon. The woman’s husband is absconding since the incident. It is suspected that he killed his wife and son and fled. Actually, Kuldeep, a resident of Akola, Maharashtra, reached Indore with his family about four days ago. He had come to Indore in search of employment. Till looking for employment, his distant and former acquaintance Mangesh was staying in a rented house in Banganga.

Mangesh used to work in a private company. As usual, he went to work on Wednesday morning. When he returned in the evening, he found it locked outside the room. When Mangesh called Kuldeep and asked for the key to the room, he started talking differently and asked Mangesh to run away from the spot. He instructed Mangesh to run away from the spot soon or else the police would catch him.

Police started investigation of the case

Mangesh did not agree and when he saw the key from nearby, he found the body of Kuldeep’s wife and his son inside the house. On getting information about the incident, police officers and forensic experts reached the spot and started investigation. Both the bodies were lying on the bed. Preliminary investigation revealed that both were killed while sleeping. Then attacked the neck with a sharp weapon. Kuldeep is absconding after the attack. When the police investigated on technical grounds, it was found that he Maharashtra is in. Police has sent different teams to Maharashtra for the arrest of Kuldeep. There is a possibility of arrest soon.

However, the police interrogated Mangesh for hours and tried to gather information as to what could be the reason behind the murder. The police claim that only after Kuldeep is arrested, information about the root cause behind the murder will be available. It is feared that Kuldeep escaped after killing the woman and the child. The police is currently considering Kuldeep as a suspect.

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murder with sharp weapon

According to Banganga police station in-charge Rajendra Soni, the body of a woman and a teenager has been found in a house in the area. The girl’s name is Sharda and Kishore’s Akash. Both were murdered with sharp weapons. The woman’s husband Kuldeep is absconding since the incident. Search for him is going on. It is possible to solve the mystery of the murder only after Kuldeep comes into custody.


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