Rape case filed after rift with live-in partner, then settled house with compensation

Bhopal. The Madhya Pradesh government is running a compensation scheme for rape victims, so that they can be rehabilitated through financial assistance. Through the Right to Information Act, now shocking information related to this scheme has come to the fore. According to the news of Nai Duniya, women living in live-in relationships are taking advantage of the compensation scheme in a wrong way. Such cases are coming to the fore in which women are filing a case by accusing them of rape on the pretext of marriage after a rift with the partner. Then after taking advantage of the government scheme, she settles down by mutual agreement. However, there is also a provision in the court to refund the compensation amount after such settlement, but such cases are negligible.

According to a report, Bhopal In this, a compensation of Rs 92 lakh has been given to about 51 victim women from April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Women and men were live-in partners in all these cases. After the dispute, the woman had filed a case of rape on the pretext of marriage. Then, after the settlement, both the parties are together and the woman has also taken compensation.

There is also a provision to withdraw the compensation amount

In one case, the young man and the girl were in a live-in relationship. The young man was married and had two children. When the girl asked for marriage, the young man refused. On this the girl filed a case of rape. In this case, the girl also got compensation amount. Then later both of them got an agreement and are living together. In another case, a young woman living in a live-in filed a rape case against Parton after a rift. Meanwhile, the young man refused the girl. After getting the compensation amount, the girl made a settlement and now both are living together.

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Experts say that in many cases the compensation amount can also be refused. There is also a provision to withdraw the compensation amount after the settlement is done, but such cases have not come till now. Experts say that the purpose of compensation scheme for the rehabilitation of the victims is good, but to take advantage of it, more cases of rape are being registered. The compensation amount is for rehabilitation, but the victim is residing with her after resigning.


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