One lakh rupees per day to be alive, 16 thousand food every day, read how 8 crores was spent on a corona patient

Bhopal. Dharamjay Singh of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh was a farmer by profession. He died of Corona. Dharamjay was hit by the corona virus in April of the year 2021. He was admitted to Rewa hospital for treatment. But seeing his condition, the doctors advised to take him somewhere else. Then he was admitted to the hospital in Chennai. Here he fought to the death for 8 months. The family spent Rs 8 crore in the treatment. About 50 acres of land was also sold, despite this his life did not survive. Now his elder brother Pradeep Singh told that in what things so much money was spent.

Every member of the family did his best to save the brother’s life. The daily treatment fee in a Chennai hospital was up to Rs 3 lakh. This included the fee for doctors’ rounds along with the charges for keeping them in the acmo system. The fee for changing the oxygenator was different. There is a high risk of infection in this, so change it 3-4 times a month. It used to cost Rs 70-80 lakh every month. When the brothers came out of Acmo, the daily expenses of the hospital came to around one lakh rupees.

Villagers also helped

It used to cost 15-16 thousand rupees per day for food. There was also a fee for the call of the doctor outside. 35 lakhs from air ambulance Reva It was decided to recruit from Chennai. The villagers also came forward to help in the treatment. Family-relatives also raised money. Around Rs 3 lakh was the daily fee of the Eco system. He says that he had taken a flat on rent to live in Chennai. There was a separate expenditure on accommodation and food here.

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Let us tell you that Dharamjay Singh was being treated at Apollo Hospital in Chennai under the supervision of a London doctor. The doctor also used to visit from London. Doctors of many other countries were also consulted for their treatment. Dharamjay Singh keeps his name among the progressive farmers of Vindhya region. His family has about 200 acres of land. Strawberries and roses are cultivated on this land. He did different types of experiments in agriculture, so he also got respect at the hands of the President.


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