‘My wife used to love Jai, that’s why I told her…’

Jabalpur. A heart-wrenching incident happened in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Husband strangled his wife to death in Sihora area. Then he himself swung by putting the noose of the sari. The husband used to doubt the character of his wife. He thought that his wife was unfaithful to him. The police have seized a suicide note from the youth, in which the husband has told the reason for his death. Both the bodies have been sent for post-mortem. Police is investigating the case. In fact, late on Thursday evening, Rajju Chaudhary, who lived in Kankali locality of Sihora, strangled his 27-year-old wife Lalita Bai to death. After this he himself swung from the noose of the sari.

The deceased Rajju Chaudhary had married Lalita for the second time. After leaving his first wife, Rajju married Lalita 6 months ago in July. Both were alone in the house at the time of the incident. Father Raghunath Chaudhary was at the welding shop at New Bus Stand Sihora, while mother Tulsa Bai went to meet her younger daughter Manju Bai at her house. When Tulsabai returned home late in the evening, the door was found closed. When the door was opened and reached inside, son Rajju Chaudhary was hanging in the room by the noose of the sari. Inside, daughter-in-law Lalita Bai was lying dead on the bed, with strangulation marks on her body.

Police got suicide note from youth

Neighbors arrived after hearing Tulsabai’s screams and her husband and Sihor informed the police. Neighbors told the police that in the evening there was a noise of dispute between son and daughter-in-law from Tulsa Bai’s house. Both were fighting for a long time. After that everything calmed down. Police have found a suicide note near Rajju.

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It is written in the suicide note that, ‘I am writing this, Rajju, that my wife used to love Jai and on her behest gave me a poison named Para. That’s why I’m killing him. I am killing myself too.’ While seizing the suicide note, taking panchnama action of both the bodies, have sent it to the civil hospital in Sihora for the PM. However, the police has started investigating the whole matter.


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