Municipal corporation changed its decision in 24 hours: Raza Murad will no longer be the cleanliness brand ambassador of Bhopal

Bhopal. Film actor Raza Murad will no longer be the cleanliness brand ambassador of Bhopal. The Municipal Corporation has reversed its decision within twenty four hours. After the objection of Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh, the order of appointment of Raza Murad has been canceled.

Bhopal The Municipal Corporation had appointed Raza Murad as its Swachhata brand ambassador on Thursday, a day earlier. Raza Murad had accepted this responsibility after coming to Bhopal. As soon as he was made the brand ambassador, there was a huge stir in the BJP. Immediately the state’s urban administration minister Bhupendra Singh instructed the municipal administration to cancel the order. He wrote a letter to the commissioner, after which Raza Murad was removed from this post.

Congress support came in the way
On seeing the minister’s displeasure and instructions, Municipal Corporation Commissioner K VS Chaudhary canceled the order. It is being told that Raza Murad is inclined towards Congress. He had campaigned in support of a Congress MLA in Bhopal during the assembly elections. This is the reason why Bhupendra Singh, the minister of the same department in the BJP government, did not like this decision of the Municipal Corporation.
Character actor Raza Murad was made the brand ambassador by Bhopal Municipal Corporation on Thursday, a day earlier. He also participated in the program held in Sonagiri.

text of letter
In the letter sent by Minister Bhupendra Singh, it is written that the responsibility of brand ambassador should be given to any person who has contributed to the cleanliness of the city. Or he should be aware of the culture of Bhopal. Any person or organization contributing to the culture and cleanliness of Bhopal should be made a brand embedder.


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