Horror picture in Madhya Pradesh, corona infected 22-year-old young man dies within 24 hours

Bhopal. Two 22-year-old youths have died of corona at the Bundelkhand Medical College Hospital in Sagar. After the death of these two, the death toll during the third wave of corona in Madhya Pradesh has gone up to 12. Both of them died within one to two days of being admitted to the hospital. One of these two had not taken any vaccine and while the other has so far received only one dose of the vaccine.

According to the Health Department, when a girl was admitted on January 8, her condition was critical. He died on 10 January. Another 22-year-old youth died on the same day.

Young man’s lungs badly affected, travel history also came to the fore
According to the Health Department, he died in less than 24 hours after being admitted to the hospital, while his corona test report came after he died. He could hardly stay in the hospital for 24 hours. When his family brought the 22-year-old to the hospital, he was having trouble breathing. Dr SK Pipal, Superintendent of Bundelkhand Medical College Hospital, told that when he was brought to the hospital, we did his X-ray. It was seen in the X-ray report that his lungs were badly affected.

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The girl was vaccinated, but the oxygen level was 88
He told that the travel history of the youth has also come to the fore. The infection has spread very fast inside him. Though we tried our best to save him but could not save him. Dr Pal said that the family members of the child have not given any information about his vaccination. He told about the girl that her condition was also very bad, her oxygen level was less than 88. His family told that he has received the first dose of the corona vaccine.


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