Corona’s third wave hits MP Police, 227 jawans infected in 12 days

Bhopal. The third wave of Corona has also hit Madhya Pradesh Police. Police personnel are also coming every day in the rapidly increasing infection. In the last 24 hours, 80 policemen have been infected across the state. Including these, a total of 227 police personnel have been infected so far. Obviously, this has a direct impact on the duty of the police.

Madhya Pradesh Police also now corona Getting hit by. Everyday police personnel and officers are getting corona positive. According to the data, 48 policemen of Bhopal have been infected in 12 days. Out of these, 9 policemen are posted in district Bhopal police, the remaining 39 policemen are from different units. Law and order, security and investigation of cases are being affected due to the infection of police personnel.

Corona situation in Madhya Pradesh
If we talk about MP, then 80 policemen have been infected in the last 24 hours. Including these, a total of 227 police personnel have been infected so far. There have been 4037 new cases of corona in Madhya Pradesh. 783 people have recovered and returned to their homes. Including these, corona has now increased to 17657 active cases in entire Madhya Pradesh.

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Vaccines can save lives
State Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang has appealed. He said that the effective weapon to win the battle of Corona is the vaccine. This has been proved in the study of the world. Due to vaccination, infection in the third web is not as deadly as it was in the second wave. The vaccine does not have any side effects. It has only advantage. Vaccination record has been made in Madhya Pradesh. I appeal that everyone should get the vaccine. The vaccine is successful, it is also safe and only benefits from it. No damage is done. Therefore, participate as much as possible in the vaccination program.


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