1.5 crore spent, lungs infected 97%, yet defeated the deadly corona, know how?

Bhopal. Amit Sharma, a resident of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, fought for 146 days with Corona infection. His treatment lasted for such a long time because, in the second wave of corona, 97% of his lungs were affected. His sister-in-law Dr. Megha Dubey had an important contribution in saving Sharma’s life. Dr. Megha sent him to Hyderabad’s doctor Harikrishna for treatment and defeated death. About 1.5 crore rupees were spent on Sharma’s treatment.

Amit Sharma told Newsbuzz.live that when the second wave of Kovid-19 was going on, he was delivering food to the needy. Meanwhile, the corona infection caught him. After this he was admitted till April 5-14 last year. But, the condition did not improve. Because, there was a lot of infection in the lungs. The hope of recovery was getting less and less. Amit Sharma said- Meanwhile I talked to my sister-in-law MBBS, MD Dr. Megha Dubey. He got me airlifted to Hyderabad for treatment. Treatment went on for about 4 months in Hyderabad hospital and Rs.1.5 to 1.5 crore was spent in the treatment.

The family gave the power to fight

Amit Sharma told that Dr Hari Krishna of Yashoda Hospital in Hyderabad started the right treatment at the right time. 90 percent of the patients out of 100 have been cured by his treatment, in which I am also one. Due to Corona, he did not eat anything for 3 months. During the treatment in the hospital, injections of vitamins continued. After treatment at Yashoda Hospital, Apollo Rehab Center stayed in Hyderabad for a month. He also did a lot of exercise to strengthen the lungs and returned home completely healthy in 140 days. He told that due to Corona, his weight has come down from 78 kg to 42 kg. Due to the courage of the family, he returned completely safely. The family stayed in the hospital day and night one by one.


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