Story of Bangladeshi girl Anjali: How did PLFI’s Rajdar come out of the infamous streets?

Ranchi. of Jharkhand extremist organization PLFI Many secrets of investment are buried in the chest of his girlfriend Anjali alias Kanis Fatima, who lives in Ranchi, the ruler of international connections. This is the reason why Ranchi Police officers are continuously interrogating Bangladeshi girl Fatima. Police suspect that Fatima knows many secrets of PLFI and investment. And perhaps this is the reason why Nivesh, who kept running away from the police, did not leave his Fatima alone even in his difficult times.

Ranchi Police broke the link between the arms supplier of PLFI and the international connection, but there are still many such aspects, about which the police is struggling. And one of these riddles is Kanis Fatima aka Anjali, who is the biggest ruler of investment. And this is the reason why the police is busy interrogating Fatima, a resident of Bangladesh. It is suspected that the weapons which have not yet reached the hands of the PLFI militants, where has the investment been hidden and where has Levy’s money been invested by him, the police is trying to get information from Fatima. In this connection, Fatima was brought to Dhurva police station on Thursday, where senior officers interrogated her for a long time.

Anjali alias Fatima is a resident of Khulna area of ​​Bangladesh. For the last 7 years, Fatima was living in Delhi under the name Anjali. In the interrogation of the police, Fatima has told that after coming to Delhi from Bangladesh, she had changed her name to Anjali. And was indulging in the business of sexual intercourse. In the meantime, he met investment. And gradually both came closer to each other.

In fact, the investment also needed such a Rajdar, who could stay in Delhi and monitor the work of whitewashing his illegal earnings. For this, the investment was keeping her as a wife in front of everyone’s eyes in Delhi. Although the police have not yet found Fatima’s passport, which the police is looking for.

In the investigation of the police so far it has been found that Levy’s money was being invested in real estate and hotel business with his associates. During this, he also used to do transactions worth lakhs of rupees simultaneously, while he had also bought luxury vehicles with the same money. Investment had bought BMW, Thar and other expensive vehicles under the plan itself, so that no one would have any doubts. Nivesh used to send money from one city to another by putting Fatima alias Anjali in an expensive car.

Let us inform that Jharkhand Police is continuously tightening the noose on PLFI supremo Dinesh Gope. Ranchi Police on Thursday arrested four people including his close aide Nivesh Poddar and sent them to jail. The arrested accused include Nivesh Poddar, Dhruv Kumar, Shubham Poddar and Anjali alias Kanees Fatima. Fatimak, who was caught by Ranchi Police, is a resident of Bangladesh.


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