Septic Waste Management Plant is being built in Giridih at a cost of crores, now the city will be visible

Report – Ejaz Ahmed

Giridih. People are troubled by the problem of garbage in Giridih district of Jharkhand. Garbage is being dumped anywhere in the city. Because of this, the possibility of spreading water, land and air pollution is increasing. However, in view of these problems, Septic Waste Management Plant is being constructed in Motileda Panchayat located in Bengabad block of the district at a cost of crores. Its main objective is to prevent the spread of water, air and land pollution by managing the waste generated from the cleanliness of the city. It is being told that the waste generated from the cleanliness of the road and house will be landfill here. Apart from this, the waste from the septic tank used in the houses will also be dumped.

These wastes will be recycled to produce treated water and treated slouch as the final product. This water can be used in everyday life for cleaning and bathing. At the same time, this slosh can be used as a fertilizer in organic farming. There are many segments in this plant construction such as separator, septage unit, grid chamber, sedimentation tank, drawing bed and machines are being installed here. The construction work of this plant is going on fast here.

It is being said that due to the construction of the plant, the waste spread in the city will be stopped, which will reduce the risk of spreading diseases. At the same time, these wastes will now be treated and made useful in daily routine. Deputy Commissioner Rahul Kumar Sinha inspected this under-construction plant and said that the construction work of the plant is going on fast. All the segments are being installed here so that the operation of this plant can be started as soon as possible. It is being told that the construction of this plant will get rid of the problem of throwing garbage. At the same time, now these wastes will be recycled and made usable.


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