Ration Cardholders: Now collect government ration every month in Jharkhand, otherwise there will be loss, know the new rule

Report – Avinash Kumar

Ranchi. If you are a Jharkhand ration card holder, then this news is of your use. Now it will be mandatory for you to take ration every month from your Public Distribution System shop. The Food, Public Distribution and Consumer Department has issued an order letter in this regard. This new system has been implemented from January 2022 for about 60 lakh ration card holders of the state at the Public Distribution System shop. If you do not lift the ration from the first of the month to the last date, then you will not be entitled to that ration in the next month. The Food, Public Distribution Department has issued an order letter in this regard. This order of the department has come into effect from January 2022.

The Public Distribution System Shopkeepers Association has opposed this order of the Food, Public Distribution and Consumer Department. Union President Gyandev Jha has said that after making this order, a large number of beneficiaries of the scheme will be deprived of getting ration. People who are less educated and away from the information revolution do not even know whether the department has issued any new order. Due to many reasons people are not able to lift ration every month. In such a situation, the option of taking ration remains open for them in the second month. After this new order, the problems of the people will increase.

After the new order of the department regarding the distribution of ration, the responsibility of informing about 60 lakh ration card holders of the state has increased on the PDS shopkeeper. Especially in rural areas, it is necessary to inform the beneficiaries on time. This is the reason why PDS shopkeepers are now informing every beneficiary about the new order of the department along with ration. Beneficiary Vijay Munda also believes that he will get benefit from this order of the department. Now they will get ration every month.

It is true that the Department of Food, Public Distribution and Consumers has taken this step to make the scheme transparent and to prevent black marketing in the name of the scheme. But it also cannot be ruled out that due to the failure of the biometric system due to network problem, the beneficiaries of rural areas will be deprived of ration.


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