Names of 4 lakh people will be deducted from ration card in Jharkhand, are you also involved? Learn

Ranchi. Names of 4 lakh people in Jharkhand Ration card The cutting process has started. These are ration card holders who do not lift ration. Ration has not been lifted even once by such a ration card holder for a long time. Apart from this, people selling up to 200 quintals of paddy are also included in the names to be deducted from the list of ration card holders. This was disclosed by the Food, Public Distribution and Consumer Department cum Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon has done it.

Rameshwar Oraon has said that this figure has come to the fore during the departmental review. There are 65 thousand people in the state who sell more than 200 quintals of paddy. In such a situation, the department has started the process of deducting the names of such ration card holders. This process was to start soon after the formation of the government, but it was stopped due to corona infection.

Rameshwar Oraon has said that the difference of opinion regarding the language is not correct. After giving consent in the cabinet meeting, there should not be any rhetoric outside. Rameshwar Oraon has also said that the revenue collection is continuously improving. For now the situation is fine. However, the trip to Odisha regarding revenue collection has been postponed due to corona infection.

He also said that there is no going to be a lockdown in the state. The state government wants to take both life and livelihood with them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also pointed this out. They also have this thinking that both life and livelihood should go on.


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